Butterfly check valve adopts the wafer type, the butterfly plate is two semicircle, and adopts the spring force reduction, the sealing surface can be used as the main body for surfacing the wear-resistant material or lining rubber, and the utility model has the advantages of wide application range and reliable sealing. It is often used in pure pipeline and industrial, environmental protection, water treatment, water supply and drainage pipelines of high-rise buildings, and prevents the reverse flow of medium.
Valve butterfly check valve cylindrical disk-shaped, around the seat of the shaft for rotation channel, because the valve channel into a streamlined, flow resistance than the small rise butterfly valve, suitable for large caliber occasions in low flow and no flow frequently changes, but not for the pulsating flow, the sealing performance is not and lift. Butterfly check valve is divided into single, double valve and multi flap type of three, these three forms are mainly divided into the valve bore, the purpose is to prevent the media to stop flow or reverse flow, weakening the hydraulic impact.