H41X-16 muffler check valve in the design of the use of environmental requirements are fully considered, the inclined plate structure, no vibration, no to noise, smooth operation, ensure hotel, quiet residential environment, and has the effect of energy saving. With the delayed closing down to the local water discharge system, noise elimination check valve so as to greatly reduce the hydraulic pressure impulse pump stop backflow, silencing check valve to eliminate the destructive water hammer peak produced by the nitrile rubber sealing closure, good sealing performance, wear resistance, shock absorption with the characteristics of long service life, convenient maintenance etc.. Muffler check valve is mainly used in industrial, urban water supply and drainage pipelines and high-rise residential, high-level hotels, pressure water pump outlet.


1, the valve used at both ends of the import center axis oriented, open and close flexible, horizontal installation or vertical installation.
2, the valve spring loaded, and its rapid closing can effectively reduce the water hammer pressure.
3, good sealing performance, noise free.
4. Small size, light weight, low fluid resistance, fatigue resistance and long service life.