• Category: Check valves
  • Name: Micro resistance slow closing check valve

Micro resistance slow closing check valve solve the common problems caused by the rapid closure, used in industrial and mining enterprises and high-rise building water pump to the drainage system, can reduce the water hammer and the water hammer phenomenon, to safely shut down effect. The type of check valve is often used in the water, sewage, sea water, and so on to the media drainage pipe, that can prevent media backflow, but also effectively limit the destructive water hammer, to ensure the safe use of pipelines.


1  novel structure, small size, light weight.
2  fluid resistance small, reliable sealing, smooth opening and closing, wear resistance, long service life.
3  oil pressure, slow closing, unaffected by the media, the valve light, large opening, energy-saving effect is better.
4  smooth running, no vibration, no noise