Rubber disc check valve mainly by the valve body, valve cover and rubber valve composed of three major parts. Wherein, the rubber valve is made of steel plates, steel bars and reinforced nylon cloth, and the outer layer is covered with rubber, and the service life of the valve clack can reach 1 million times. The valve adopts full flow area design, with small head loss, easy accumulation of chores, easy maintenance and other characteristics. The valve is mainly applicable to the water supply and drainage system, can be installed at the water outlet to prevent backflow and water hammer damage to the pump. The valve can also be installed on the bypass pipe of the water inlet and outlet of the reservoir, so as to prevent the water from flowing back into the water supply system.

Main technical parameters of rubber petal check valve
Nominal pressure: 1 ~ 1.6MPa
Nominal: 50 ~ 600mm
Applicable medium: water and weak corrosive fluid
Applicable temperature: 0~80 degree