• Category: Check valves
  • Name: Micro resistance slow closing check valve

The micro resistance slow closing check valve is used for the water supply and drainage pipeline and is installed at the outlet of the water pump to prevent the medium reverse flow and eliminate the destructive water hammer, and effectively reduce the water hammer pressure of the valve closing, and ensure the safe operation of the pipe network. It has a lighter valve, opening a large, significant energy-saving effect, small fluid resistance, water hammer elimination mechanism has the advantages of novel design, the characteristics of stable and reliable sealing performance, abrasion resistance, long service life, stable operation, no vibration, no noise etc..

Main technical parameters of micro resistance slow closing check valve
Nominal pressure: 1 ~ 2.5MPa
Nominal: 40 ~ 800mm
Applicable medium: water, weak corrosive liquid
Applicable temperature: 0~80 DEG C (if needed, up to 200 degree)